Key benefits of Sports Massage

Having regular sports massages is really beneficial for all kinds of training – ideally you want to be having maintenance massages every 4-8 weeks but dependant on your training schedule, this may be sooner e.g. every 2-4 weeks if training for a race or particular event. Sports massage (also known as ‘deep tissue’ massage) is very different to a regular ‘Swedish’ massage because instead of light touch we get a bit deeper into the muscles, stripping away the layers and really making sure we get to those tight spots and ‘niggles’ you might have.

The main benefit of having regular sports massages is injury prevention. By having a sports massage (as well as stretching, foam rolling and practising strength and mobility at home) you are increasing the elasticity of your muscle tissues which also helps with flexibility, breaking down any scar tissue or adhesions in the muscles, relaxing the muscles and also encouraging lymphatic drainage and venous return – this helps massively with blood flow and speeding up recovery from an injury and keeping your immune system well. Having regular sports massages therefore keeps your muscles nice and loose, decreasing the risk of pulling or tearing something by not allowing anything to get too tight.

Sports massage encourages the breakdown of lactic acid and carbonic acid which builds up in your muscles during and after heavy exercise. Improving circulation whilst having a massage eliminates thes