Ash Tuck

Ash has always competed in sport. Whether it be football as a child, running or most recently, triathlon as an adult. His enjoyment of endurance sport has seen him tackle runs of over 50 miles and more recently seen him move towards the world of Ironman.


Since 2007 helping other athletes fulfil their potential and improve their performance has been his passion and profession. His approach to coaching is based on individual metrics but grounded by lifestyle as he can empathise with juggling a busy training schedule with day-to-day life.

Favourite race: Ironman Tallinn 2019

Favourite food: Pizza!

Top fitness tip: Stay consistent. Even if you’re out of your normal training routines make sure you’re doing something to keep you ticking over. Daily movement is so important!

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Kaisha Thatcher

Kaisha has been a competitive runner since the age of 12 and has always been a member of Bitton Road Runners from a junior. She's raced all sorts of distances from 1k to half marathon and loves trail running so much that she has turned to entering lots of off-road events and is looking to do an Ultra Marathon in 2020.

She has only recently decided to train as a Sports Massage Therapist after suffering from many injuries herself, mainly due to a lack of knowledge on the benefits of regular massage, stretching, strength and mobility. She now wants to help others excel in their sports whilst being able to provide the right advice and aftercare to prevent them from getting injuries.

Favourite race: Kelston 10k

Favourite food: Pasta and chocolate (not together!)

Top fitness tip: Make sure you’re working your glutes. It’s so common to find athletes with “weak” or “dysfunctional” glutes. Make simple glute exercises a regular feature in your training week.

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Jason Elliott

Jason loves to cycle and the outdoors. Having trained for, and passed, the Royal Marines Potential recruit course, he entered Marines training. Unfortunately, due to injury, he had to leave which spurred him on to learn about injuries. He then trained as a Sports therapist and has worked in motorsport since 2004, looking after drivers from single seater racing in British touring cars, drivers in the Lemans endurance series and most recently, The World rally championship.  He is currently studying for a degree in Strength and Conditioning, whilst specialising in functional screening and corrective strategies.

Favourite race: Lemans 24hr (to watch, not compete!)

Favourite food: A good steak

Top fitness tip: Listen to your body. Trust your instinct when deciding when to push on or ease off.

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Functional Movement &

Strength Screening

Sports Massage

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