Ash Tuck

Ash has always competed in sport. Whether it be football as a child, running or most recently, triathlon as an adult. His enjoyment of endurance sport has seen him tackle runs of over 50 miles and more recently seen him move towards the world of Ironman.


Since 2007 helping other athletes fulfil their potential and improve their performance has been his passion and profession. His approach to coaching is based on individual metrics but grounded by lifestyle as he can empathise with juggling a busy training schedule with day-to-day life.

Favourite race he's done: Ironman Tallinn 2019

Favourite food: Pizza!

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Kaisha Thatcher

Kaisha has been a competitive runner since the age of 12 and has always been a member of Bitton Road Runners from a junior. She's raced all sorts of distances from 1k to half marathon and loves trail running so much that she has turned to entering lots of off-road events and is looking to do an Ultra Marathon in 2020.

She has only recently decided to train as a Sports Massage Therapist after suffering from many injuries herself, mainly due to a lack of knowlege on the benefits of regular massage, stretching, strength and mobility. She now wants to help others excel in their sports whilst being able to provide the right advice and aftercare to prevent them from getting injuries.

Favourite race she's done: Kelston 10k

Favourite food: Pasta and Chocolate (not together!)

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Anna Avery

Anna, a keen runner and gym enthusiast, has always had a passion for creating and eating healthy, delicious recipes and meals. Nutrition plays a big part in leading an active lifestyle, you can't out train a poor diet!

Recently certified as a Nutrition Coach, Anna's aim is to help people achieve a sustainable and healthy diet for the long term, whilst still bringing joy and pleasure to eating without the diet mentality. Along with changing ones mindset into creating healthy habits that make you feel good, and more importantly, that are sustainable.

Favourite race she's done: Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Favourite food: Cheesecake!

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Brad Cox

Brad has always had a passion for Sport & Fitness. Playing Football from a young age and also regularly strength training. Remembering his favourite sessions were the ones where he was pushed to the limits and he loves being tested both physically and mentally. Since then he has found a real passion for running and has competed in many races over various distances from 5k to Marathon and has also ran a 100k ultra.
He has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and regularly instructs various fitness classes. He is also a Sports coach, Personal trainer and run leader - helping others achieve their goals.

Favourite race he's done: RunFestRun Half Marathon (was able to run with Paula Radcliffe)

Favourite food: Steak or Pasta

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