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Our Terms and Conditions can be found below. A link or text version can be found during all booking and sign up processes.

1. Appointments and Payments

1.1 Bookings should be made through the booking link via our website This allows you to choose your preferred appointment date and time depending on your chosen therapist’s availability which is made available to you on this page.

1.2 All online bookings require full payment at the point of confirming your appointment. This is via a credit/debit card to secure your chosen appointment and this card payment is secured safely within our booking system PracticeHub. Following a successful payment, this will show as credit on your file. Once you have arrived at your appointment and your treatment has finished, this credit will be taken off your file when we process the appointment as completed.

1.3 For any manual bookings, payment is required at the end of the treatment in the form of either cash or credit/debit card.

1.4 Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your appointment and you will also receive a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment.

1.5 All new clients will be required to fill out the New Patient Intake form included via a link in the email before your appointment. If you do not receive any email confirmations or reminders, please contact us.


2. Late Arrivals, No-Shows and Cancellations

2.1 We recommend that you turn up to your appointment 5 minutes before your confirmed appointment time. This is to allow for traffic/delays and for you to find a space to park and not arrive to your appointment feeling stressed.

2.2 If you are late to your appointment, please contact us to let us know that you are running late – we will still carry out the appointment but your treatment time will be reduced and the appointment will terminate at the originally scheduled time. We are unable to move appointment times back due to lateness. Late appointment starts will still be charged at 100% of the full value of the appointment.

2.3 No-shows will be charged 100% of the appointment value from the credit on your account.

2.4 For all cancellations we require more than 48 hours’ notice. If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, 50% of the appointment value will be charged and a taken from the credit on your account placed via the card payment made upon booking the appointment.

2.5 If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, 100% of the appointment value will be charged and taken from the credit on your account placed via the card payment made upon booking the appointment. This includes instances of sickness and reasons beyond your control. Please try to give us as much notice as you can in every situation.

2.6 Should your chosen therapist need to cancel your appointment we will always contact you beforehand and offer you an alternative appointment or an alternative therapist free of charge.



3. Health Commitment

3.1 It is understood that the ‘Health Commitment Statement’ provided, legally covers Kinetic Sports with regards to the client’s self-clearance to undertake and partake in physical exercise and undergo treatments. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Kinetic Sports of any changes to medical health or physical considerations.

3.2 Therapists will always be in possession of a basic first aid kit consisting of contents outlined by the First Aid At Work guidelines, and this will always accessible to therapists and clients. It is the responsibility of the therapist to replenish and maintain the contents of the First Aid supplies.

3.3 Therapists have no medical training, and that in the event of an accident or injury, after first aid is administered, it is the responsibility of the client to seek professional medical advice if emergency services have not been requested at the time of injury.

3.4 All clients must be 18 years of age or over at the time of the appointment or we have the right to refuse treatment.

3.5 All therapists are insured for all treatments and services that we provide.


4. Treatment, Aftercare and Results

4.1 It is understood that the results of manual therapy can result in bruising, soreness, aching and/or fatigue and that these are all normal after effects of such treatment.

4.2 The success of a treatment or course of treatments also relies on clients following aftercare advice which will be administered either verbally, via exercise prescription, or both. When exercise prescription is concerned, programmes will be sent via email using Physiotools.

4.3 The client agrees to carry out all aftercare given to give the best possible outcome of injury treatment.

4.4 It is understood that we cannot guarantee successful treatment in all injury cases and further referral may be required to find an agreeable outcome.


5. General Etiquette

5.1 Please try to arrive 5 minutes early and ensure you are dressed appropriately for the treatment you are receiving. We recommend shorts and a comfortable top – if you are a woman having a back, neck and shoulder treatment we recommend wearing a normal clasp bra and not a sports bra for dignity purposes.

5.2 Therapists will provide towels during the appointment for your dignity and will always talk you through what we are doing. Therapists always maintain a high standard of hygiene and we ask that clients maintain a high standard of hygiene when attending their appointment also.

5.3 We recommend that phones are put on silent or vibrate as to not disturb your treatment and we are not held liable for the loss or damage of any personal items whilst you are in the clinic.

5.4 We have the right to refuse treatment to any clients that are verbally or physically abusive towards any therapists and have the right to contact the Police regarding this should we ever feel unsafe. We shall also contact the Police should any inappropriate requests be made. The clinic has CCTV. We also have the right to refuse treatment to any clients that present visibly intoxicated.



6. Feedback and Complaints

6.1 Should you wish to leave any feedback about your appointment, we ask that you leave us a Google Review under Kinetic Sports if you are able to or alternatively you can email and you can also use this email to let us know if you were unhappy with your treatment or if you’d like to file a complaint. Please include your full name and date of birth, your appointment date and time, the name of the therapist that treated you and your comments. We will endeavour to respond to your comments within 7 working days.

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