Heart Rate Zones - Maximum HR or Threshold HR?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Max HR or Threshold HR, which should you use?

Depending on the plan you follow, how your coach operates or what type of training tech you use, at some point your bound to come across the use of HR training zones as a form of regulating your effort. Heart rate is a great thing to be aware of, monitor and refer to as it’s a real time measure of your body’s true work rate at that moment. And if you want to get really nerdy then we can look at time spent in specific zones to calculate the type(s) of energy your body likes to utilise – fat vs carbs etc… But that’s a whole different conversation!

There are two main methods of formulating your HR training zones; Maximum HR and Threshold HR. So, what are the differences between them, and which is best suited to you and your level of training and performance?