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Success Stories

A snapshot of what some of our athletes have to say...


Lauren - Marathon Runner - Bristol

Training with Ash over the last 8 months has been absolutely incredible. With his plan and assistance I have broken barriers in running I never thought possible, setting new PB's at every distance. Most notably I was able to run a 3:16 marathon, 1:29 half-marathon and sub 20 5k, all achievements I had never even dreamed of! In the future and with his help I hope to be checking off more races and one day run a sub 3 hour marathon!

Mike Gibbs.jpg

Mike - Bristol - Runner

"Friendly, very professional approach. Great relationship in that goals are Athlete led but performance/analysis/training is coach led. Great interaction between the 2. Coach is always available to answer/provide feedback and information.

Ash sets perfectly tilored sessions to help me work towards my goals. The accountability leads to challenging but ultimately rewarding training."

Debs stanley jones.png

Debs - Bristol - Triathlete

‘The’ place to go for nutritional advice and fitness programmes, and much more. A wealth of knowledge.

Good follow up and encouragement by Ash. If you are looking for results, contact Kinetic Sports.


Craig - Bristol - Ultrarunner

I decided to speak with Ash when first going into Lockdown as I struggled to find any structure in my training. Having not worked with a coach before, I was unsure what to expect; Ash's approach, attention to detail and experience helped craft a training plan to build a strong foundation, with a key focus on the basics (Mobility, identifying and fixing weaknesses) and cross-training to set me up for my first 100-mile event.

In 6 months of working with Ash, I achieved PB's in each distance from 1 to 100 miles, lost (a lot!) of weight, and achieved some of my best finishing positions to date. I cannot recommend Ash enough and look forward to the next year of training and competing!

Joe Stansfield.jpg

Joe - Bristol - Runner

"At the start of the year I was out of shape and form, struggling to find the motivation to regularly run, even on club nights! I took the plunge and started speaking to Ash and it was like a breath of fresh air, I felt reenergized and signed up in a matter of days to begin getting my running back on track. It looked daunting at first, going from 1-2 runs a week to 4-5 a week, I thought I would fail! The first week was a tough wake up call for me, but then it started getting easier as I went on, ticking off the runs and mobility drills each day gave me a sense of achievement!

3 months later it is a standard routine for me, login to TrainingPeaks on Sunday to see what the next week has in store for me! I used to find it hard to run 5-8 miles at a time without stopping, now I’m doing that whilst in a speed work session without even realising! My stamina and pace has increased so much since I began working with Ash I’m excited to get back to racing properly to put my training to the test, overall I have nothing but thanks and praise for Ash for helping me get my fitness back on track and smashing my goals! Sub 40min 10k here I come!"

Jon Wild.png

Jon - Bristol - Triathlete & Team Bikefitter

Ash has been helping me get into race shape for a Half Ironman. My strength, posture and running speed have already improved drastically and it's really helped me keep constantly putting in miles without getting injured.

Clare Purkiss.png

Clare - Bristol - Swimmer

I think it is safe to say that I am a complex case. I'm a Kidney Transplant patient on medication which makes weight loss difficult.

Ash took all of this in his stride and built an amazing training plan which combated issues such as dizziness and my chronic fatigue. I have been working with Ash for 3 years and in that time, it has been a bit of a rollercoaster with multiple unexpected trips to hospital putting our training plans on hold and causing us to restart every time which Ash has been amazing at adapting to and pushing me when I needed it.


For me it is slow progress, but we have finally hit on a training plan which has ended up in results I didn’t think possible. Ash is fantastic at keeping me motivated, adapting everything to fit with how I am feeling and keeping in contact on a regular basis if there are any issues.

I am a swimmer and Ash has built a training program around that both in the pool and outside of it to ensure that I can improve. The ultimate goal for me is to compete in the British Transplant Games and Ash has been fantastic in coordinating the training plan to fit these goals.


Before Lockdown 3 hit, we were making massive improvements in the pool and assessing my competition in the Transplant Games. Now in Lockdown, Ash has been incredible in keeping my motivation high and ensuring I don’t eat my weight in food every day. Thanks Ash!!!!


Stephen - Derby - Elite Cyclist (St Piran)

"I've been training with Ash since October 2019, retraining my off-the-bike fitness to improve my racing, focusing on my flexibility and my general strength to help my body cope with the long hours in the saddle.

It's been really useful to me picking his brains, and knowing I can contact him at any time with questions and queries, so we can create a simple and structured training plan to fit around my other training.

I'd reccomend Ash to anyone looking for guidance and help to undertake any sporting challenges, keep up the good work!"

Rob headshot.png

Rob - Bath - Ultra Runner

Ash is brilliant. Made such a difference to my running journey. Six months of working with him, I’m fitter, stronger and better informed at 40 then I was at 30. Onward to the Marathon des Sables. Cheers Ash!

Steve Brown.png

Steve - Bristol - Runner

I've been running reguarly for 20 years and also run with a running club. I'm at a point in my running where pb's are few and far between.

So my target at the start of my coaching with Ash was to get somewhere close to my Half Marathon PB which has stood for 4 years. Within 3 months I had beat my previous best Half Marathon time!

This is thanks to the coaching from Ash.Ash not only creates trailored training plans that keep things interesting and keeps you motivated, but also takes the time to explain why you are doing what he has set you and the benefits of each session.

Ash is extremely enthusiastic and knowledgable about what he does. What i've achieved with him to date in a relatively short space of time is testiment to this.

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