Functional Movement &
Strength Screening


Most athletes, whatever level they compete at, can name at least one thing that holds them back from a mechanical standpoint.

Is this something you can you relate to? Do you have something that's keeping you from achieving your goals? A recurring niggle? Does one side feel stronger than the other? Do you have 

a “dodgy” shoulder or knee?

If so, we can help.


Thanks to a new team member coming into the Kinetic Sports family, we are now offering a comprehensive Functional Movement & Strength screening session. 


This appointment is for you if:

  • You suffer from recurring injuries or have an issue that won’t go away

  • Feel like you physically compensate somehow when training or competing

  • Would like to understand your personal biomechanics better

How screening can help you

understand & improve your performance. 


Our comprehensive Functional Movement & Strength screening appointment is a physical diagnostics session where your practitioner will go through a series of static and active tests to assess joints, muscles and other soft tissues throughout the entire body. 


Asymmetries and imbalances will be explored, relevant injury history discussed and possible diagnosis may be provided. This comes with a full written report and relevant strength and conditioning programming where relevant.


You will:


  • Receive a full written report of findings including advice and actionable points

  • A video led Strength & Conditioning and/or Mobility routine emailed within 5 days of your session

  • A follow up call (within an agreed timescale) to discuss progress and possible next steps

  • All applied with the consideration of your sport and competition goals in mind


To find out more or see if this could benefit your training, contact us today.


Whilst my injury isn’t completely healed, understanding the cause of the injury has helped me look after it better to avoid aggravating it further.  The Strength & Conditioning plan has been incorporated into the rest of my stretching routine and I am confident it will help me overcome the issue in the near future. I definitely recommend using this service.